What should be in a Golfer’s Bag?

Before one can come into the green field, you should possess some equipment. In golf, you should carry at least fourteen clubs and a set of balls in your bag. Why fourteen clubs? It can actually be your preference but in 1939, most players carried more clubs that narrowed it down to at least fourteen.

There are three traditional types of golf clubs. This can be part of what clubs are inside a golfer’s club. Each club has their own purpose. Each is designed for their set of skills.

Handcrafted Persimmon Tour Woods (1)Irons – Iron clubs have long been not used due to their weight. Over the years, this has been developed to be carried on sports. Iron is believed to have accurate moves when playing. It can actually give a golfer the control over the direction of a ball. The irons are often labeled through their loft. The use of this club can be helpful when you venture in the green field, especially in rough.

Woods – this was the first type of club that was ever made. Even the first innovation that was believed to be clubs was made of wood. A wood club is often used for long shots. The downside of the type of club is it provides less accuracy compared to irons.

Putters – this is the type of club that has a flat face. It is often used to allow the ball roll in the green. A good type of putter can contribute to scoring but they are not that important.

justin-leonard-golf-equipment_600-300x300Golfers can have their own preference on what they bring inside their bag. What not to forget is a set of balls because sometimes, there are challenges that may allow you to lose a ball. Always have a reserve. Some golfers have markers that are often just coins. Markers are used to know the exact placement of the ball just in case you really have to pick it. You can also purchase markers in professional golf stores. It is necessary to carry an additional bag for other personal things. When in the green field, there are actually a lot to consider aside from the game itself. The weather condition can be a perfect factor. It may be too hot or it may rain hard. If you can see golfers on televisions or in an actual game, they carry umbrellas. It is to at least protect them from the main source of energy which can probably exhaust your energy as well. It is possible to bring with you a bottle of water to be hydrated at all times. Towels can too be necessary not only for your benefit. Always make sure that your golfing equipment is clean after using it from the field. Clear it from dirt and water. As your golf equipment ismade with materials that can develop rusting, always keep it clean.

Some golfers bring other gadgets for training. When playing a game, keep your personal belongings close to you. The club can have security but it can be advantageous to be extra careful.

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The evolution of the golf ball

The expansion of golf was a mark that there was no sticking to the early equipments used as this has shown some deficiency in hitting the goal. The equipment required includes a set of clubs and balls. To date, the ball has been the most developed equipment. The club has shown progress but its appearance is not far compared to the original clubs. It was believed that the shepherds who played golf for past-time have used their shafts. Others have used sticks. This was the birth of the first golf club. The club was made with wood and was easily made which gave the sense of instant availability. The standard wood was then developed to hard woods as one wooden club easily breaks. One club can at least break in every game. Due to the low quality of the wooden club, the creation of steel clubs has begun. It was earlier that the wooden clubs were limited to those who can afford replacing clubs every game. In the late 1890s, the clubs made out of steel was discovered although governing bodies albeit adopted. The steel clubs were used for a period of time but were then discouraged due to its weigh. It limited the players to execute a maximum swing. In 1970, the use of graphite for clubs was encouraged since it has light materials. It also possessed strength features. After a few years up to present, the development of the clubs almost diminished the original wood club. Only a few people have used wood clubs, as there are already regulations while playing in the field.GolfBallSpacer

The ball, too, has evolved massively. The first ball considered was rocks for the shepherds. However, people have developed balls created with leather, feathers were stuck inside. Some used wooden balls. The feathers were believed to be boiled to soften before they were placed inside the round-shaped leather. These kinds of balls were very expensive as the process for making one is strenuous and time-consuming. A ball then would at least cost to a range of US $10-$20. The balls have shown mishaps due to the components used. It was easily broken after a few strokes. It has also given less probability for a good stroke. Although, the ball was continuously used until the 19th century.

The distraction that the early ball has caused led to the invention of the gutta-percha ball more often called gutty. Reverend Doctor Robert Adams Patterson had the idea of creating a ball out of the Malaysian Sapodilla tree that provided a rubber-like feel and could easily be molded into a round shape. It gave the efficiency and convenience for the golfers as the balls were cheaper and can improve performance. The use of the ball was adapted but later on developed. They have discovered that when the ball was rough,golf-balls the performance can be improved. The makers have intentionally placed indentations on the ball making it textured. Up to date, the balls have a maximum of 450 dimples. This is referred to a ball used in games.

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The Amazing History of Golf

At present, the history of golf has not been identified. It actually has been a debate until now on where did it originally started. Others have believed that golf has been developed in Scotland in the early middle ages. In the late 19th century, the sport has increased acceptance when it went viral in the United Kingdom, to the British Empire and later the United States.TommyArmour1927

The game believed to be the start of golf took place on the 26th of February 1976 in Loenen aan de Vecht. The first game was played with a leather ball and a stick. It was also then believed that the shepherds have started the game when they actually wait for time to pass using their shafts. The rules then became that whoever can hit the leather ball with the most limited number of strokes into the target of at maximum of one hundred yards can win. Although in the early 1360, the game was banned because men who were suppose to be bound to protect their country has allocated their time on perfecting the sport rather than train for archery. The game has started with just the leather ball and sticks but over the years, it was developed to become a professional sport. The sport was also limited to men. Women who played the same sport might be accused and punished. During the early 1592, golf was also banned during Sabbath.

 According to studies, the oldest golf course in the world is found at Musselburgh as the Queen of Scots, Mary and Sir John Foulis of Ravelston record was recorded playing there. The primitive record for the rules of golf was found in diary of a medical student who played in Bruntsfield Links. Thomas Kincaid has described the nature of the game through describing his position when he played golf which he early recorded as “golve.” The firsts of the rules of golf were from Leith Links where Kincaid also played. The book was preserved in the National Library of Scotland and was later named “Articles and Laws in Playing at Golf.” The tradition of awarding the champion for the game started in the Gentlemen Golfer’s Competition for the Silver Club. The awardee was a surgeon named John Rattray. He was awarded by a trophy with a silver ball where his name was engraved. The same person has won thrice in the Silver Club.golf1

The sport spread when the successors of the throne of England have played golf. It was in Blackheath, London that James VI of Scotland’s son Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales was seen playing golf with his courtiers. It was believed that the Scottish soldiers were the ones responsible for introducing the sport to British colonies and other places in between the 18th-19th century. The 19th century was the mark of the prominence of the sport. The time has come that the sport was not only exclusive to Scotland. Hence, the commencement of all the big time golf tournaments today.

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The Benefits of Playing Golf

Any sport or any daily activities can at least contribute to one’s day. As per sports, one can take health benefits from it. Golf is one of the sports that can contribute to a person’s daily health improvement. Although the sport is not as active as others, it may still have your body circulate given the exercises it promotes. The exercise can be more beneficiary when a golfer walks throughout the whole game to all 18 holes. There may be clubs that require the golfers to transition to different holes in carts; you can still apply exercise through carrying your own bags and other equipments.

f86750223c5b5bdd6650a58b75e53607The exercise that can benefit you greatly is walking. Regular walking can also contribute other benefits. Beforehand, the core benefit is that it can improve your cardio capability as while you are walking, your heart beat increases thus promoting pumping of blood in an active way. It can help reduce the risk of having terminal diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and cancer and etc. walking can also promote proper body posture which can reduce the chance of acquiring osteoporosis. Studies show that aside from physical benefits, walking can help improve one’s confidence and mental state. Related to golfing, if you walk from one hole to another, until the end of the whole game, it can be equivalent to thrice a mile walk. It can burn more calories and can help you be further exposed under the sun. Sun exposure can be harmful but it can also be beneficial as well. With the heat of the sun, you can acquire vitamin D which is not proactively found in high dosage in other food supplements. Vitamin D is responsible for making you immune to diseases. According to studies, having enough vitamin D in your body can reduce the risk of death which is proven for the elderly.

Golf can improve attentiveness and concentration. Golf is a game that requires concentration. You have to gain control over the ball to make a good shot and exhibit a proper swing. If your goal is to make it through the 18 holes in a game, you can gain focus and attention to what you are doing, learning that you can apply in your life is – when your goal is to achieve the utmost outcome of a certain thing, you have to focus to suffice the need.tourn

As the sport may be an advocate for competition to finish the game, it also promotes socialization. The competition is held in a social friendly environment. It gives competitors the chance to talk to each other and exchange conversations. They can share theories and opinions with life issues which improves the ability to speak in groups or in a crowd. Golf enables the participants to just mingle with each other and promote the sense of camaraderie despite the competition. Any game can have benefits as it is to golf but for people who are looking into pursuing a career or a hobby in golfing, this might entice you more.

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